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We have been in the commercial property business for over 20 years with established banking relationships. We were having issues with our normal large banking institutions with timelines, terms, and closing our multi million transaction. I was referred to Morgan Strauss through a successful commercial property investor, and was pleasantly surprised. They went to great lengths and details to understand our needs and presented many options for us. We found them to be very competent out of the box thinkers that work incredible hard. We ended up closing our transaction in a fraction of the time than was quoted from our normal banks. From now on they will be my first financing choice. - Dean S.  CA.


I was having a very tough time finding construction financing for a building. Found Morgan Strauss on the web and started working with them. Not only were they actually able to get my project funded they did it very fast. I’ve used them 3 other times since and have to say they are very competent do what they say company. - William F.  CA.


Great bunch of people. I needed to money to restructure one of my businesses. They refinanced my buildings getting me the cash needed and best part my payments didn’t move up that much. They ended up getting me better terms on my buildings.

I’m impressed with the collaborative team effort from this company. They kept me informed through out the process and even educated this 15 year investor with things I did not know. Best part is my transaction was funded smoothly with great rates and terms. Thank you! - Stan C.  TX


I like to ask questions and in my past have really upset loan officers. It’s just my way of learning and understanding what’s going on in my transactions. I can’t believe how patient and knowledgeable they were with me. When my transaction funded I them sent over a thank you gift. - Katherine K. CA


My real estate broker referred me to this guys for my strip mall refinance. WOW, they are awesome! Trust me you want to use them over others. They saved me a lot of money. I’ve done 4 other transactions with them since with great success. The staff at Morgan Strauss just goes that extra mile. I was so happy with them that I sent my real estate broker a thank you gift. - Jeremy G. Illinois


We did a development loan with them for a large mixed-use multifamily/retail project. We went to a few other big name lenders that wouldn’t do the project or were giving us incredibly long transaction times. We’re grateful they were the company we choose. Morgan Strauss gave us great service, they gave us great respect, they gave us out of the box thinking, and they more importantly got us financing with very strong terms. Very grateful. - Mathew G. TX


Why do I choose Morgan Strauss for my capital needs? Simple, I was able to secure a loan that no one else was willing to do. They structured my loan so I was able to reposition myself and now I’m doing well. I could have lost everything but instead gained thanks to the hard work ethic they have. - John B. WA

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